HOA E-Homecast:

  • Allows you to share timely information in a single email blast.
  • Permits homeowners to opt in or out of the service.
  • Is cost-effective – for a low monthly fee you can send unlimited blast emails.
  • Is a time-saver – you can send messages from the comfort of your office, no need to visit common areas to hang or remove fliers.
  • Builds your reputation as a reliable information resource.
  • Is template-driven and supports your community’s unique look and feel
  • Uses texts and images, but no attachments (a benefit to residents leery of viruses.)

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When Talking with Homeowners is a Blast

Tired of mailing fliers that end up in the trash? Posting announcements in the community center that nobody reads?

Have you ever wanted to say something – just once – and know that you were really spreading the word?

Now you can, with Communicate HOA’s E-Homecast service.

Newsflash! Broadcast Emails Work

E-Homecast is a simple tool that lets you quickly craft a message and then electronically broadcast it to all homeowners on your database. You just type, click, and send.

The ideas for quick communication are limitless: You can send meeting notices, talk about planned upgrades, even deliver a 2-for-1 coupon to the local pizza parlor.

As with Communicate HOA’s other tools, we provide you with a template that uses your community’s logo, colors, and typeface. You’ll be presenting a cohesive message – and one that gets noticed.

E-Homecast supports a one-way flow of information: You write; residents read. When you just need to share news, that’s not a bad thing: Good communication is repetitious. The more often you share an important message, the more likely it is to be understood.

If you need homeowner input, check out Communicate HOA’s other services, including HOA Survey's and HOA Elections, Amendments and more. Call us today to start opening the avenues of communication.