What is HOA Survey?

  • HOA Survey is an electronic survey service that helps you connect with all the residents in your community.
  • It allows you to quickly craft yes/no multiple choice questions, and then delivers the survey instantly to your email database...
  • HOA Survey is a dynamic communication tool that allows you to easily poll homeowners, tabulate their responses, and share the results.

HOA Survey is:

  • Cost-effective. This simple online service takes the time and expense out of what is otherwise a labor-intensive process.
  • Secure. As with Vote HOA Now, homeowners use a secure login process. They complete the survey online, in the privacy of their homes.
  • Collaborative. Once you start talking to homeowners, they’ll start talking back to you. Their informed input helps you make better decisions which helps improve the quality of life for all residents.

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See How Easily You Can Get Homeowners to Talk Back

Do you ever get the feeling that no one is listening to you?

As a property manager for a homeowner association, you’re not alone: There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of residents in your community.

Some you want to talk with; and some you don’t.

But that’s not the point: Good communication begins with finding a way to reach everyone in your community with the same information. And then providing those same folks with the means to talk back.

Wouldn’t it be nice...

  • If you could send residents a quick online survey
  • If their answers came back to you already tabulated?
  • If you could act on recommendations instead of count responses?

We thought so, too. That’s why Communicate HOA developed HOA Survey, a software program that allows you to quickly develop and deliver an electronic survey to every homeowner on your email database.

Survey Says!

HOA Survey is a user-friendly, cost-effective way to find out what homeowners are thinking. Because questions can be in a yes/no or multiple choice format, you can ask about everything from seasonal home decorations to a neighborhood block party.

Did you know that regularly surveying homeowners will spark their interest and build morale? That’s because two-way communication builds trust. It fosters a sense of shared responsibility among residents. This in turn leads to greater individual satisfaction...which ultimately improves the quality of life for everyone in the community, including yours.

Start getting answers to your questions. Get HOA Survey today.