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Vote HOA Now! is...

  • An electronic voting process that is fully automated, and feature-rich. See features
  • A quorum generator. We tell you who has voted. We send reminders to those who have not.
  • A time-saver. Spend less time reminding people to vote and more time putting their vote into action.
  • A budget BOOSTER. With Vote HOW Now, you won’t waste a dime designing, mailing, and counting ballots.

Choose Vote HOA Now! and...

  • Increase homeowner participation. Email works two ways: You send the ballot, the homeowner sends it back. No muss, no fuss, and did we mention our service makes it easier to get a quorum?
  • Ensure voter privacy. With our password-protected log-in system, no one will ever learn how an individual homeowner voted.
  • Reduce waste. In the old days, homeowners would mistake their ballot for junk mail. With Vote HOA Now, there’s no paper to toss, no ink to leach into the landfill, and no angry homeowners accusing their HOA of being environmentally irresponsible. It’s nice to wear the white hat for once.

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Looking for a Quorum?

Vote HOA Now Makes Your Numbers Count

As the property manager for an HOA you go through the same struggle every time you need a member vote: You design the ballot. Get it printed. Mailed. You might send a reminder notice. Make a few phone calls. Knock on a few doors.

Finally, “election day” comes...and you don’t have a quorum. No quorum means no decision. Or, no quorum sometimes means the Board can decide on its own. Sometimes no quorum means the whole process begins again.

No matter how you slice it, this decades-old voting method doesn’t work.

That’s why Communicate HOA developed Vote HOA Now, a software program that streamlines the voting process and makes it easier for homeowners to get involved.

What our Clients are Saying about VoteHOANow!

The HOA Board of Directors just absolutely loved the simplicity of the online voting site that VoteHOANow set up for Telluride Ski Ranches HOA. Not one complaint regarding anything... The HOA Board had nothing but compliments for the VoteHOANow online voting application. We are very happy with the results!

Joy Bouverat
Telluride Ski Ranches HOA

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Electronic Voting to the Rescue

Vote HOA Now is an electronic voting system that eliminates the administrative burden of holding an election: No more printing and mailing fees. No more reminder notices and phone calls.

Vote HOA Now is an efficient and cost-effective way to email ballots and “please vote” reminders directly to homeowners. Better still, Vote HOA Now is paperless, making it an environmentally savvy choice.

Whether you manage 100 homes or 1,000, our online voting service can help you get a quorum – we provide status reports about which homeowners have not yet voted, and the final tally when voting closes.

A vote for us today is a vote for hassle-free voting tomorrow. Call 503-639-2727, Vote HOA Now...now! Or click here to learn more about Electronic Voting.
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